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At Silverseed, our mission is not simply to sell CBD products.


Educate the public on better ways to understand and implement precision medicine.


Our greater mission is to ensure the highest quality products are accessible to anyone in need.


Part of every Silverseed product purchase goes towards helping someone in need.

Patient Relief Fund

The problem is that not everyone can afford additional lab testing, organic food, or supplements to aid in their wellness journey.

That’s why we are giving back.

For people like you.


With our extensive background in health, wellness, and functional medicine, we understand the power that the body has to heal itself once the appropriate lifestyle modifications are added back to one’s routine.


Part of every Silverseed product purchase goes towards helping someone in need of functional lab testing, supplementation, or expert guidance.


We contribute a percentage of profits to ensuring everyone can have access to the proper root cause analysis and an efficacious road map to more restful sleep and more vibrant energy.

I’ve been taking the supplements that you suggested and eating how we discussed for 5 days now. 1 at breakfast and 1 at lunch.... It’s been a game changer. My stomach isn’t hurting/cramping in the afternoons like it has been in the past. THANK YOU for recommending all of this!
Silverseed CBD Fund Recipient
Fund Recipient

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