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Patient Gains Insight To Gut Issues Through Relief Fund

Oct 24, 2019 8:27:38 PM

Patient Gains Insight To Gut Issues Through Relief Fund SilverseedCBD

Our Mission here at Silverseed is to ensure that everyone can have access to proper functional care when it comes to finding the root cause of their symptoms.

This patient found out there was more to their stomach troubles than they realized.

Patient M (who will remain anonymous for personal preference and HIPAA regulations) came to HPHI looking for help uncovering her digestive issues of:

  • Cramping
  • Belching
  • Burning after meals
  • Bloating and Gas Pains
  • Frequent Loose Stools

Patient Relief Fund

What is the Patient Relief Fund?

Part of the profits for each bottle of CBD that is sold goes into a fund that is put towards getting the right type of functional testing or supplementation for those that truly cannot afford this type of functional diagnostic testing which is not covered by insurance.

This type of testing can be comprehensive stool testing for underlying stomach or digestive troubles.

It can be salivary or urinary hormone testing that digs much deeper into root cause of the problem as opposed to prescribing medication to cover it up.

Think of this fund as the "Tom's shoes" of the CBD world. Just because someone can't afford to purchase necessary testing or supplementation for particular ailments or nutritional deficits does not mean that they shouldn't have access to it.

Silverseed's Patient Relief Fund fills that gap.

How did this patient prosper from the fund's donation?

Given that she could not afford the comprehensive stool test, HPHI reached out to Silverseed about utilizing their Patient Relief Fund for this specific case.

We obliged.

Results from a comprehensive stool test came in. And it turns out there was more to Patient M's dilemma than conventional medicine was equipped to relieve.

Here's a peak to Patent M's test results.

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Analysis To Comprehensive Stool Test

H.Pylori Infection

It turns out that Patient M had a pretty severe case of H.Pylori.

This particular infection brings on a good bit of pain and discomfort and may not show up on other testing.

H.Pylori Infection HPHI Silverseed

Low Levels Of Gut Flora

It turns out that they also had some pretty low levels of healthy gut flora.

This is a particular case where starting a probiotic would cause more good than potential harm.

Gut Flora Microbiome HPHI Silverseed Probiotic

Leaky Gut and Poor Detox

The patient also found out that they were building up a fair amount of toxins in their intestines while also exhibiting a good amount of "Leaky Gut".

When considering a "Leaky Gut" scenario, running a Zonulin level to detect toxins is critical.

Leaky Gut Silverseed HPHI

Satisfied Patient

Positive Changes and Results

Patient M wasn't thrilled to see how much their gut health was suffering but they were extremely grateful and relieved to finally get some answers as opposed to wasting time guessing.

Patient M:

I’ve been taking the supplement you suggested for 5 days.
1 at breakfast and 1 at lunch....

It’s been a game changer.

My stomach isn’t hurting/cramping in the afternoons like it has been in the past.

THANK YOU for recommending this.

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