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Is CBD Legal In Louisiana?

May 8, 2019 8:06:03 AM

CBD Legal In Lafayette La

While most citizens of Louisiana heard about the recent bust in Lafayette regarding Cajun Cannabis, they are still unsure about the current Louisiana laws surrounding Cannabis, and primarily CBD.

Most curious CBD users , or contemplative users, have more than likely heard about the 2018 farm bill that President Trump passed last year.

While this blog won't go in depth about the intricacies of the bill, you can go here to read a much more in depth write up about what it stated.

And regarding a more in-depth, and recent write up on the matter, you can view The Advocate's article here.

One of the biggest takeaways was the facts around the misconception of CBD being fully "legalized". 

While the bill removed hemp and hemp derived products from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, the legislation does not legalize CBD generally. In general, CBD remains a Schedule I substance under federal law.

And, in case you weren't aware of the difference between "hemp" and "marijuana": 

Hemp is defined in the legislation as the cannabis plant with only one factor distinguishing the two from one another; hemp cannot contain more than 0.3 percent of THC.

New call-to-actionWhat does this mean for Louisiana specifically?

In a nutshell: Louisiana laws regarding Hemp and CBD are very clear cut, as Louisiana law does not distinguish or differentiate between Hemp and Marijuana. Both are considered “cannabis” under the state law.

"So, CBD is illegal in Louisiana but it can't get you high?"

Technically, yes... for now. But that could change depending on how legislation handles the current Schexnayder bill.

And while the legislation may change, CBD's laundry list of health benefits (better sleep, less anxiety, decreased inflammation, etc.) more than likely will not any time soon. Especially since it has been used for the previous 5,000 years to bring upon those health benefits.

If you currently live in Louisiana and are wondering what to do next, one thing is certain:

Knowing your provider and where they source cannabinoids will be a vital part of consumer research and business compliance going forward.

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Tyler LaFleur
Written by Tyler LaFleur

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