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How To Not Get Scammed By CBD

Sep 26, 2019 9:50:25 AM


CBD seems to be everywhere nowadays. In our grocery stores, in gas stations, or all over our newsfeed. But how does the buyer make sure they are not getting scammed by the product?

While there may be more and more research hitting the internet regarding the efficacy of CBD helping people manage anxiety, pain, and sleeplessness, still many sellers are taking advantage of the hype despite a lack of understanding of how CBD actually works.

Yet, that lack of education hasn’t stopped a boom of new CBD oils and products in the hemp industry, from coming to market faster than ever.

Thus, what brings us to the main dilemma:

What’s actually is in my CBD bottle?


Dr. Mike Nelson, Human Performance expert, states the current problematic situation best,

“There are a couple companies working to do it the right way and a piss ton of ‘fly-by-night, let’s-put-ditchweed-in-a-bottle-since-most-people-won’t-know’ companies too.”

Other arena experts have also chimed in on the issue, including UPenn assistant professor of psychology Marcel Bonn-Miller:

"It really is the Wild West. Joe Bob who starts up a CBD company could say whatever the hell he wants on a label and sell it to people."

New call-to-actionYet, Bonn-Miller, like most credible CBD brands in the field, resort to lab testing and data to back their claims. Bonn-Miller leans on third party lab data to prove his point.

His team recently conducted a test of various store-bought CBD Oils. The results may not surprise you, but they ought to concern you:

  • They discovered that nearly 70% were mislabeled with about 43% of the products having less CBD than advertised.
  • They also found that about 1 in 5 CBD products contained THC.

And worse, these aren't one off findings. 

NBC performed their own investigative work and discovered that EVERY one of the over the counter CBD products that they tested had less than half of the CBD claimed on the label.

Some of the bottles, contained NO CBD at ALL...

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How do I know which CBD brand to buy?

Of course, this is the main question asked in the space, but there are several ways to sniff out reputable brands:

1. Look beyond the label:

Companies can make various claims on their label that really don't mean much, but they can catch the attention of the buyer anyway.

Look for products that are certified organic, Non-GMO, and THC free (0.0% if you are not wanting any residual THC in the product).

2. Buy from Vertically Integrated Manufacturers

The easiest way to get to market here in the U.S. is the simply white label cheap product from overseas and slap a sticker price on it. 

What most reputable brands are doing is sniffing out the best natural genetic strains, the best growers, sustainable harvesting, healthy extraction, and reputable lab testing to verify the entire CBD manufacturing process from seed to shelf.

This is what is meant by being "vertically integrated".

3. Look at the lab testing for yourself

Higher quality CBD brands are putting the lab testing results per batch on their website. On each and every bottle, the consumer can simply follow the link to view the lab work for themselves.

Just like in the Functional Medicine world, the best practitioners "test and don't guess."

And, neither should you when purchasing your product.

If you want to take it a step further, reach out to the company yourself prior to purchasing.

Legit companies will be more than willing to help you find the information you are looking for and show that they are different.

Fraudulent, fly-by-night companies will try to talk you out of specific request, give you the runaround, or just won’t answer emails or phone calls.

Want to learn more?

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Tyler LaFleur
Written by Tyler LaFleur

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