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How To Maintain Your Health And Your Sanity During The Holidays

Dec 16, 2019 12:33:39 PM


We all feel it! As much as we want to see some family members, there are those that we have avoided all year for a reason!

And then there is the solace of the holiday food and alcohol that comes into play.

Keep reading to discover our tried and true tactics for succeeding this holiday season with your health, happiness, and sanity!

At Silverseed CBD, we are all about serving our customers what they need exactly when they need it!

And during the holidays, especially for our Lafayette, Louisiana CBD customers, we know how tempting it can be while navigating the southern holiday social gatherings.

As much as we want to avoid sugary pleasures and stout drinks, they sure do look tempting compared to the amount of internal stress we are dealing with.

But you don't have to go completely overboard.

Below are some of our suggestions for making this holiday season, your most sane and successful one, yet!

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1. Be Mindful Of Your Stress and Mood Prior To Walking Through The Door

As if the stress on your bank account this time of year wasn't enough, you now have to get to the grocery store for your contribution to the meal, finish wrapping your cousins' last minute gifts, and dress your children in a way that won't offend or draw a comment from your overly critical Aunt.

Stop... Deep Breath!

Take some time to be mindful

Chronic stress, anxiety, and worry are destroying our consciousness throughout our normal daily routine.

Yet, during (what should be) a time of gratitude and family, we allow it to consistently spill over into our holiday season.

Take some time to be mindful of what is really stressing you in the moment. 

If it's work, then stop. You and the rest of the business world are on holiday sabbatical. Nothing is getting done even if you wanted it to.

If your stress is from impressing your family, who you technically never see, then ask yourself, why should you really care that much about their opinion?

Ask yourself: "Why am I going to this gathering in the first place?"

If your response is anything other than: "Because I want to see and be around most of my immediate family members..." then you may have more fun in your own living room while your kids are locked inside watching the Grinch...

Guilty 🙋

Be mindful, be conscious

But seriously, taking time to really contemplate where your stressors are stemming from can save you in more ways that one once you arrive.

With all the cortisol flowing through your veins, you will be way more prone to reaching for hard liquor and sweet treats.

Not only is this bad in the moment, but if you start early enough, you'll be drinking and eating poor choices all night due to the roller coaster effects the alcohol and sugar will have on your blood glucose.

When humans are mad or sad, we don't crave chicken breast and broccoli dipped in ranch dressing. 

We dive headfirst into the petits fours and the Margaritas and Half and Half's.. #Legends

Be mindful, be conscious, and be prepped this holiday season so you can wake up happier, calmer, and lighter than going to bed the night before.

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2. Differentiate Between Actual Hunger And Food Cravings

Real hunger occurs several hours (or days) after a prior meal. 

Food cravings rear their ugly head minutes or seconds upon walking into a room filled with baked goodie aroma.

Hunger can cause symptoms such as headaches, intense stomach growling, and lethargy or fatigue.

Cravings can cause excess jelly to fall out the sides of your mouth onto your shirt, blurting phrases such as "today is my cheat day", and yelling obscenities at your husband.

It is important to know the difference between the two prior to walking into the party, yet the solution to both could be a fairly reasonable choice prior to even leaving your house. 

Below are a few of the suggestions that could help prevent, mitigate, or recover from the stress of holiday party overeating or extreme cravings:

1. Make a large protein shake prior to leaving for the party.

For this type of shake, you would want to go light on the fruit and high on the fiber (think chia seeds, flax seeds, or hemp seeds).

For bonus, you could add some blood sugar super stars such as chromium picolinate, cinnamon, bitter melon extract, or berberine. (Without the blood sugar roller coaster ride, you may find yourself only indulging once as opposed to all night)

2. Make sure to drink your alcohol first, then eat your meal prior to trying any of the desserts.

If you can drink moderately and enjoy yourself without completely throwing your inhibition out the window (thus causing you to eat cake and casserole as your dinner) you can enjoy a nice serving of turkey, ham or roast along with the veggie sides then have some dessert to follow.

The protein and veggie fiber should keep your blood sugar stable enough to avoid going for massive seconds.

3. Avoid massive amounts of caffeine throughout the day if you are planning on drinking alcohol that evening.

Most of us will drink coffee throughout the day as we keep warm and complete our holiday chores, but combining the alcohol and the caffeine can lead to some pretty significant dehydration.

And instead of reaching for water to quench our thirst, we mistake it for hunger...

"Oh, hello pecan pie truffle!"

The Takeaway

Remember, you are in control of your actions this holiday season.

Make sure to prepare yourself to actual enjoy your annual gathering with family and friends.

Be mindful, leave work at work, prepare yourself for mitigating hunger and cravings proactively, and practice smiling more as you prepare to accept your inevitable, loud-mouthed Aunt's criticism!

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